How To Select The Right Hearing Aid

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When you select the right hearing aid, you will be able hear sounds and voices better. The following tips can help you choose the best hearing aid to help you improve your hearing loss.

The first step to choosing the device is to find a provider that has the skills and abilities to help you select the aid that will be appropriate for your hearing problems. A professional will test your hearing, and he or she will aid you in selecting a specific hearing device to fit your needs for ( More … )

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5 Ways That Hearing Loss Will Impact Your Life

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Coping with hearing loss can be challenging; however, it is important to know that you are not alone. Over a person’s life, their hearing can decrease and lead to a serious impairment. If you are concerned about hearing loss, then here are a few things you need to know about how it can impact your life.

First, you may find it hard to accept that you have hearing loss. No one wants to feel as though they have a disability. Additionally, hearing loss is often gradual and can go unnoticed until it has progressed to a more serious problem. ( More … )

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Helping Others Understand Your Hearing Loss

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For those who have hearing loss, it is important to know how to advocate for yourself regarding your disability. Many times, loved ones and others may not know how to ask you about your hearing loss, or they may be unsure of what they can do to help. Additionally, a person may find it particularly challenging to help others to understand their hearing loss if it is a recently diagnosed condition. Here, are a few ways to help others ( More … )

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Hearing Loss: Protect at Home

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Just as sure as you know all the facts about the pesticides on your kids’ produce and the safety features of your ADT alarm you should know the things around your house that are likely to give you slight to severe hearing loss. It’s your job to take care of your ears and unless you’re aware, you won’t know!

Your Hairdryer – Hairdryers can be loud enough as it is but they’ll hurt your ears if you let them! Invest in a low-noise dryer and if you can allow it, air dry your hair. It’s better for your hair, anyway!

Your Lawnmower – Mowing the lawn is something you may even have your kids do but it can be particularly harmful to your ears. Buy some noise-eliminating headphones at a local electronics store and make sure you wear them every time!

Your iPod – You know iPods can be dangerous for your ears but you don’t listen to yours TOO loud, right? Most hearing damage occurs at relatively low decibel but close proximity to the ear – watch out when you’re adjusting your volume.

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10 Ways To Protect Your Hearing

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These ten ways to protect your hearing should be followed in order to avoid permanent hearing loss in adults and children. There are nearly 33 million people in the United States alone who are suffering from hearing loss. Exposure to excessive noise accounts for nearly one third of all these cases.

1. Try to limit the amount of time you are directly exposed to sounds that are over 85 decibels. Sounds that are comparable to 85 decibels are motorcycles or lawn mowers.
2. Avoid environments ( More … )

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Hearing Loss Education For The Average Joe

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Although most people know that hearing loss usually comes with age, few people know what causes hearing loss. The two primary functions of our ears are hearing and balance. As people age, their ears become less effective at distinguishing sounds, especially lower frequency sounds. For some people, hearing loss makes it embarrassing to ask people to repeat themselves, and nearly impossible for them to function in daily life. One in three people over age 65 and half the population 75 ( More … )

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They Are Your Ears: Are You Harming Them?

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If you are harming your ears, you may want to consider stopping before you end up with hearing aids. There are many things that can actually harm your ears that you may not be aware of. Loud music can with time cause deafness if you are constantly exposing yourself to it. There are things that are just not meant for your ears. Many people do not know or care until it is too late. Hearing loss is a very common problem that many people end up experiencing, but ( More … )

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How To Prevent Further Hearing Loss

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If you are looking to prevent further hearing loss, you may have many options. You do not have to sit there and just suffer. Hearing loss is very common. Hearing aids can be a very good source of hearing. There are also many other ways that people can prevent problems that come along with hearing. If it is possible, you can actually get different forms of communication that can be installed on your computer and even cell phones. There are many programs out there for the deaf, to assist them with hearing loss. These are very ( More … )

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